Membership: Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join or renew my membership?

You can join or renew your membership online, in person at any ticket desk or by mail to Membership, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.

What is the duration of membership?

Memberships are effective immediately on the date of purchase, and expire on the last day of the month of purchase, one year in the future.

Why does each level of membership have giving ranges?

Many members choose to increase their impact to the Museum by giving above and beyond their membership dues. Ranges allow members to support the Museum with an additional annual gift and to make an even greater difference to the health and vitality of the MFA.

I am interested in upgrading my membership to enjoy more benefits. How should I do this?

If you are a current member and wish to increase your membership support and get additional benefits, please contact us at or visit any ticket desk in the Museum, or send your check by mail to Membership, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.

How can I update my mailing address or contact information?

Please e-mail your new contact information to or in person at any ticket desk the Museum and we can update your information.

Does the MFA offer any discounts on membership?

The Museum offers the following discounts on membership for purchase in person only, which are valid for $30 off a Supporter, Contributor, or Ambassador-level membership:

  • Artist Discount–Must present proof of being a professional artist
  • Student Discount–Must present valid school/college ID. Students may wish to check whether their college or university is a participant in the University Membership Program first. For a list of colleges and universities participating in our University Membership Program, see Universities.
  • Teacher Discount–K–12 educators eligible. Must present valid school ID, letter on institution stationery from a K–12 principal or administrator, or a valid/active MTA card. MTA members must be actively teaching; retired status is not accepted.
  • Active Military–Must present active duty or military spouse or dependant ID for any US military branch. Sponsored by MFS Investment Management
  • Veterans–Must present valid veteran ID for any US military branch Sponsored by MFS Investment Management
  • EBT Card Holders–Massachusetts residents eligible. Must present valid EBT card.

How can I check if my membership is still valid?

Your membership expiration date is listed on your Members card. You can also check the status of your membership by e-mailing or in person at any Museum ticket desk.

How can I automatically renew my membership every year?

The Museum offers an Automatic Renewal Program, which eliminates renewal notices by charging your annual membership fee at the beginning of your renewal month.

Enroll in the Automatic Renewal Program by checking the box on your printed renewal form indicating you would like to enroll. You may also enroll in person the next time you visit the Museum by visiting the Members’ Desk. For a limited time only, while supplies last, those who enroll in the Automatic Renewal Program will receive a free tote bag. Bags may be picked up at any ticket desk or the Members’ Desk.

Our Automatic Renewal Program requires signed authorization to charge your credit card and we cannot accept credit card information by phone or online at this time.

How can I check if I’m enrolled in automatic renewal or make any changes?

If you have any questions or need to make changes, simply e-mail A membership representative will be happy to assist you with checking your enrollment status or to update an expiration date. We do ask, in an effort to keep your information private, please do not e-mail any credit card numbers. We will be happy to call you at a time that is convenient for you to get that information from you.

How much will I be charged?

You’ll only be charged annually the amount of money you indicated during enrollment. Feel free to contact us at any time to confirm that amount. To change this amount for any reason, please contact us at least one month prior to your expiration date to ensure we make the correction before charging your card.

When will I receive my Members card(s)?

All new and renewing members will receive their Members card(s) within 21 to 28 business days of joining the MFA; however, your membership is effective immediately upon purchase, so you can always visit the Museum without your Members card (see below).

Can I visit the Museum without my card(s)?

If you have just purchased a membership or have forgotten your card, you can request a Member Day-Pass at any ticket desk in the Museum on the day of your visit. Please be prepared to provide your full name and present a valid form of photo ID. If your card has been lost, you can request a new one at any ticket desk or by e-mailing

How many Members card(s) will I receive?

If you have a Supporter membership, you will receive one card. For all other levels, Membership cards are issued up to two people per membership, and admission privileges are available to either cardholder. Please note that if there is only one name on your membership record, you will receive only one Members card regardless of level.

Can I designate a second Members cardholder?

You may submit your request to or in person. (See “How many Members cards will I receive?” above for more information.) Please note it is not possible to receive a duplicate card in your name or a “Guest of” card.

Can I give my Members card to someone else to use?

Members cards are not transferable. For information on bringing guests to the Museum, please see "Member Benefits" section.

I recently renewed my membership. Why did I receive a new card and new member ID number?

We recently upgraded our system for membership and ticketing, which required new ID numbers to be issued. This number, which is printed on your new Members card, is associated with all activity connected to your membership account. Please use your new card(s) for all Museum interactions moving forward, as using this new card ensures you receive all the discounts and benefits to which you are entitled. New cards are issued to all members at the time of renewal and should replace any other Members cards you have recently received.

Do I need a sticker for my new Members card?

Beginning January 2018, Members cards will have the expiration date and level printed directly on the card, no longer requiring a sticker to indicate this information.

I have lost or misplaced my Members card. How can I request a replacement?

You can order a replacement card by e-mail at or request in person at any ticket desk.

How do I purchase a membership as a gift?

Gift membership certificates can be used toward a year of MFA membership to enjoy free and faster admission; discounts on dining, shopping, and parking; and a full calendar of events. With an MFA gift certificate, you allow your friends and family to choose the MFA membership that’s right for them and to begin using it on their own desired start date. Purchase online or visit any ticket desk to purchase a gift certificate.

Can a gift membership certificate be sent directly to my recipient?

Gift membership certificates are available for pick-up at any ticket desk in the Museum or can be printed at home. Gift certificates cannot be mailed at this time.

Can a gift membership certificate be used in the MFA Bookstore and Shops or towards dining or parking?

No. Gift membership certificates are only redeemable towards a membership.

How do I redeem a gift membership certificate online and activate my membership?

When checking out, enter the gift certificate number provided under form of payment. The certificate amount will be applied to the total order.

How do I access my online member account?

Log in to your account or check your benefits. If you provided us with your e-mail address when you signed up for your membership, a temporary member login has been automatically created for you. If you are logging in to your account for the first time, click on Find Your Account when you try to log in, enter the e-mail you provided when you enrolled and you will be sent a link that allows you to create your permanent login information.

How can I reserve member-priced tickets online?

Once you are logged in, you can reserve tickets at the member price or update your account information at any time. If you attempt to reserve a number of tickets that exceeds the number allowed by your membership level benefits, a message will appear instructing you to upgrade your membership in order to complete the transaction. If you do not wish to upgrade, simply adjust the number of tickets you plan to reserve to the number allowed within the limits of your current membership.

What if I forget my login or password?

Click on Find Your Account to request a link to be sent to the e-mail on file. Once you receive the link, you will be instructed to reset your password. If you have forgotten the e-mail address linked to your login or need to update it, please e-mail your request to our membership team at

How can I add another person on to my account?

If you are a Contributor level member or higher, you may add a secondary member to your account, if you have not yet already done so. This second member will receive the same benefits as you, including the ability to log in with their own e-mail address and reserve member priced tickets. Simply contact our membership team at A separate membership card in the second member’s name will be mailed to your address on file. Please note, we are able to maintain only one address per membership account.

How can I update my contact information?

Once you have logged in to your account, navigate to “Logged in as” at the top of the screen and click your e-mail address. You will be brought to a screen that allows you to edit your account information. Please note, we will not honor complete name changes. Please contact the membership team if you have a change to your name other than a spelling update.

Member Benefits

What benefits do I receive as a Member?

Members receive a variety of benefits according to their giving level. For more information on your benefits, you can visit Levels and Benefits or log in to your account to check your current benefits.

How can I check my benefits?

Log in to your account to see your current membership level, expiration date, admission and ticketing privileges and Guest Pass allotment.

Do I receive Museum discounts with my membership?

Members save 10% at the MFA Bookstore and Shops, 15% at all four Museum dining venues and up to 40% on parking by scanning your Members card. For more information on how to access your discounts, see the “Discounts” section.

How many guests am I able to bring to the Museum?

As a Member, you can share the Museum with your family and friends with Guest Passes. Guest Passes are single-use passes that members can use at any point during their year of membership. For more information check the “Guest Passes” section.

Have other questions about your benefits?

Please e-mail us at and a member of our team will review your account and respond as quickly as possible with the information you need.

Do I receive reciprocal membership benefits at other museums as a member?

Ambassador, Sustainer and Leader members receive membership privileges at 22 other institutions. Present your MFA Members card to receive the member benefits at the following participating institutions:

MFA Bookstore and Shops

Members save 10% at the MFA Signature Shop, Main Bookstore & Shop, Gund Gallery Exhibition Shop, and In addition to the regular discount, the MFA offers Member Shopping Days several times a year as opportunities for you to double your discount with 20% off Bookstore and Shop purchases.

To use your discount in person, present your Member card at checkout. To use your discount online, enter member10 into the Member Code field at checkout. Please note that the discount does not apply to consignment merchandise, Revere Portfolio prints, gift cards, or MFA memberships.


Members save 15% at all four Museum dining venues: 465 Bar and Restaurant, New American Café, Taste and the Garden Cafeteria. Present your Members card at checkout to receive your discount.


Depending on the length of your stay, members can save up to 40% on parking. The maximum day rate for member parking is $15; maximum evening rate (Monday–Friday, after 5:30 pm) is $13. Scan your member card at any exit-lane pay station or the kiosks in the garage lobby. Your discount is applied and a new total to be paid is displayed on the screen.

MFA Guides

Discounted mobile MFA Guides are available for $5 each ($4 for children) for Supporter, Contributor and Ambassador Members. Complimentary guides are available for Sustainer, Leader and MFA Citizens. To pick up an MFA Guide, visit any ticket desk at the Museum, Sharf Visitor Center, or the entrance to the Gund Gallery, LG31, when an exhibition is on view.

MFA Late Nites

Members can get $12 tickets to MFA Late Nites during the Member Presale for each event that will be announced in advance. Discount applies to advance ticket sales only. Advance sales for MFA Late Nites ends 24 hours before the event. Discount cannot be applied to previously purchased tickets. Advance tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or at any ticketing desk.

Do members save on programs?

Members can save up to 20% on MFA films, concerts, lectures, and courses. Discount can vary on the type of program and general admission offered to the public.

How do I obtain discounted tickets?

To purchase discounted tickets, present your Members card at any ticket desk or log in to purchase online with your member discount.

How many discounted tickets can I purchase?

  • Supporter: one discounted member ticket
  • Contributor: two discounted member tickets
  • Ambassador: two discounted member tickets
  • Sustainer: four discounted member tickets
  • Leader: four discounted member tickets

Can I order discounted tickets if I don’t yet know my membership number?

Your membership is effective immediately upon purchase. If you purchased your membership online, you can purchase member-priced tickets online using the account you created. Additionally, you can always visit any ticket desk or e-mail to purchase tickets with your member discount.

Free Film Tickets

Beginning July 2018, members can reserve a pair of free film tickets to every monthly Jump Cut screening, as well as a pair of free film tickets for each screening in our popular series On the Fringe: Adventures in Cult Cinema. Tickets will be available when films go on sale throughout the year and can be reserved online, over the phone, or at any ticketing desk.

What is the tax deductibility of my membership?

A portion of each membership contribution is tax deductible.

  • Supporter: $11 is not tax deductible
  • Contributor: $22 is not tax deductible
  • Ambassador: $144 is not tax deductible
  • Sustainer: $266 is not tax deductible
  • Leader: $288 is not tax deductible

How can I request a tax receipt for my membership?

You can request a tax receipt by sending an e-mail to

Are Guest Passes tax deductible?

Tax deductibility of guest passes is included in the value that you receive with your membership.

What are Guest Passes and how many are allocated per year? How do I obtain them?

Guest Passes are single-use passes admitting one person that can be used at any time during the year. You can pick up your Guest Passes at any ticket desk. You may also find out your guest-pass balance by e-mailing

How many Guest Passes do I receive each year?

  • Supporter: One single-use guest pass, per membership
  • Contributor: Two single-use Guest Passes, per membership
  • Ambassador: Four single-use Guest Passes, per membership
  • Sustainer: Six single-use Guest Passes, per membership
  • Leader: Eight single-use Guest Passes, per membership (mailed with your Members card(s); they do not need to be ordered).

When do my Guest Passes expire?

Guest Passes expire when your current membership expires. Upon renewing, you will have access to a new allotment of Guest Passes determined by your membership level.

Can my Guest Passes be mailed to me with my Members cards?

Having Guest Passes mailed with Members cards is a benefit exclusive to the Leader level of membership and cannot be accommodated at any other level.

Members can purchase tickets for select events and programs before they are made available to the public. Beginning July 2018, member can purchase tickets during special presales for Shapiro Lecture series, MFA Late Nites, and select exhibitions. Tickets will be available for purchase for each presale to members online, over the phone, or at any ticketing desk.

Visiting the Museum

Currently, tickets are not required to view any of the Museum’s exhibitions. Remember to take advantage of Member Previews, times when members are allowed exclusive access to view special exhibitions before they open to the general public. Just present your Members card at the gallery entrance.

  • Supporter: Admission for one adult, and children 17 and under*
  • Contributor and Ambassador: Admission for two adults, and children 17 and under*
  • Sustainer and Leader: Admission for four adults, and children 17 and under*

*Any accompanying children 17 and under, exceeding six-child limit, require free tickets available at any ticket desk.

Skip the ticket lines and present your valid Members card(s) to the entrance guards at either Museum entrance. If you are visiting with a greater number of people than your membership admits (see above), visit the ticket desk for Guest Passes or tickets.

Members’ children 17 and under are admitted free upon presentation of your valid Members card to the guard at either entrance. Your membership admits up to six children; children exceeding this limit require a free ticket, available at any ticket desk.

Member Communications

If you have already provided us with your e-mail address, you have been signed up automatically. You can also send your contact information to

MFA Mail is e-mail that keeps you up-to-date on everything that happens at the Museum.

Member and Donor Mail is e-mail that pertains specifically to your membership and any other MFA donor groups to which you belong.

If you have already provided us with your e-mail address, you have been signed up automatically. You can sign up for e-mail, update your account and interests at any time by logging in or send your information to

Member Events

What are Member Previews and how do I attend?

Member Previews provide an opportunity for members to see the Museum’s biggest exhibitions first—and avoid the crowds before they open to the general public. Simply present your valid Member card at the exhibition entrance during Member Preview to gain access.

Can I bring guests to Member Previews?

Any guests admitted to the Museum with you, whether through the general admission privileges of your membership, Guest Passes, or through paid admission, may accompany you during Member Preview.

What are Member Openings?

These ticketed events are exclusive opportunities to celebrate a new exhibition or area of the collection at an evening reception.

How many tickets am I entitled to for these events?

  • Supporter: One $25 ticket, bring friends for $50
  • Contributor: Two $25 tickets, bring friends for $50
  • Ambassador: Two free tickets, bring friends for $50
  • Sustainer and Leader: Four free tickets, bring friends for $50

Are other events offered for members? How do I attend?

Visit Member Events to see other upcoming events.

Why are some member events ticketed?

We understand many members travel to come to the Museum and our ticket-based event system allows members to reserve their spots ahead of time. This ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to attend the event of their choice.

If an event is sold out online, can I still get tickets?

We honor existing ticket reservations and are unable to resell or reissue tickets that have already been sold or reserved.

At what time should I arrive for a member event?

We recommend to arrive 30 minutes before the event.

How do you determine how many members can attend each event?

Event capacities are determined by federal law to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as maintaining the optimum number of attendees to afford the most enjoyable experience for all members in attendance.

Member Shopping Days are offered as opportunities for you to double your discount with 20% off Bookstore and Shop purchases, in stores and online. Please note that the discount does not apply to consignment merchandise, Revere Portfolio prints, gift cards, or MFA memberships.

Curators Circles

Yes, upper-level Museum membership is a prerequisite for participation and members at the following levels are eligible to join:

  • MFA Member at the Sustainer Level or Leader Level ($850 and above)
  • Museum Council Member ($600 level and above; age 21 to 49)
  • Patron Program Member ($3,000 and above)

The annual contribution to join a Curators Circle is $1,500, which covers enrollment in one group for two people.

Visit Curators Circles, select the Curators Circle you want to join, and click “Join or Renew.” You will be prompted to log in and validate your Museum membership before you can proceed. You may also join or renew by calling 617-369-3548, or by mailing a check to Curators Circles, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. (Please make check payable to Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and indicate in the memo line the name of the Circle(s) you wish to join.)

The most likely reason is that you don’t meet the Museum membership prerequisite. See “Do I need to be a member to join Curators Circles?”

Your participation in Curators Circles is valid for one year and will match the annual cycle—with the same expiration date—as your qualifying membership. If you are midway through the annual cycle of your qualifying membership, please call 617-369-3548.