Conservation in Action: Preserving Nirvana, December 2016

Conservation and Collections Management

With the final linings in place, the finished scroll is mounted onto a drying board (karibari) to stretch-dry for a period of approximately six months. The scroll will be turned half way through this process, to spend an equal amount of time face down on the board. Proper and extended drying is essential for all hanging scrolls at this stage, but especially for one that is oversized, in order for all the elements to balance out and for the scroll to hang straight.

To give visitors a better view of the painting during drying, the board is mounted onto a slant board in the gallery.

large scroll mounted on slanted stand

The painting will be on view through the end of February, and then turned face down in early March. Explanatory text and images are on view in the gallery through May, when the scroll will be removed from the board and returned to its hanging scroll format once more. It will travel to the first of three exhibition venues in Japan beginning in July 2017.