Conservation Project: Costume Accessories, Parasols

Storage mounts for parasols are designed to provide visual accessibility and minimize handling. Each mount holds the parasol in its preferred position at the handle and ferrule, while limiting compression of fragile fabric areas. A surrounding box or handling tray protects the edges and acts as a safety catch for loose or separated parts, such as beadwork, fringe, lace fragments, feathers, or ribbon.

The materials and condition of each parasol determine the type of storage mount required. For parasols with fringe, beading, and hanging lace work, a vertical storage position is most appropriate, as gravity lets these parts hang freely. Horizontal storage mounts are preferred for extremely fragile parasols, for those stored in sections or fragments, and for sturdy pieces without fringe or lace.

Keeping parasols in a slightly open position is ideal in storage. This prevents creasing in the fabric cover without putting the fabric or mechanical parts under tension. In horizontal storage, parasols are suspended at the handle and ferrule to relieve pressure on the fabric cover.

See photos of parasols stored in both vertical and horizontal mounts.