Ancient Coins

Michael C. Ruettgers Gallery (Gallery 212C)
This gallery is closed in anticipation of an ambitious and exciting transformation of the George D. and Margo Behrakis Wing for Art of the Ancient World. Scheduled to open in Fall 2021, five galleries on Level 2 of the Wing will provide visitors with a grand entry to the MFA’s renowned collection of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine art—one of the finest and most comprehensive in the world. Many of the featured works are among the oldest in the collection, yet they will tell new stories, reflecting our time through the art of the past. With innovative new displays, visitors of all ages can understand the legacy of an ancient way of life and how it resonates today.

Drawing from the Museum’s collection of approximately 7,500 ancient coins, the gallery’s thematic and chronological displays emphasize ancient coins as highly sophisticated, beautiful works of art on a miniature scale, while also exploring the cultural and political history they embody. Sculpture, vases, and other works of art are on view alongside coins in the gallery. Visitors can “create” their own coins in a touch screen activity—choosing symbols, motto, and metal—allowing them to learn the elements of a coin by designing one. The gallery also includes a case filled with coins acquired over the past several years, as the Museum continues to collect coins of the highest quality and appeal.