[On Copley Plaza stationery]
Dec. 15 [1923]

Dear Mr Clark

I am glad to know that there is a likelihood of getting the John Hopkins picture, and I will write as you suggest to Mr R. Brush[?] Keyler-

I was at the Museum this morning and I saw that the general I mentioned is called Mr Charles Payne- I also saw a small landscape of mine done in Tyrol in 1914 called “the Master and his pupils” – it belongs to the Museum & I should like this shown. Mr Fairbanks the Director told me that the one thing the Trustees would not lend was the Boit children. So your application might be for:

1. General Charles Payne
2. a picture I do not remember the title of, but it is a painter at work in his bed room –
3. the Master and his pupils
4. Head of Joseph Jefferson }
5. Reconnoitering } both in the museum
5. [sic] a war sketch called “the Road”

Mr Lowell sent me a message this morning to say that the particulars about the pictures wanted from Harvard & the particulars of the Exhibition should be sent to Mr Edward Forbes, Director of the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge –

By the way there is in that Museum a Rocky Mountain landscape of mine called “Lake O’Hara” which might be asked for –

Please observe that the head of Jefferson & “Reconnoitering” are no longer in Newport, but in the Boston Museum where they can stay until you need them.

Yours sincerely,

John S. Sargent

Accession Number: SC.SargentArchive.9.4

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