Technical Drawings

Sales of technical drawings temporarily suspended. Further information to come.

Technical drawings provide detailed information and measurements for selected instruments in the Museum’s collection, allowing scholars to better understand their construction and artisans an opportunity to create reproductions of them.


Flute (one key)

France, about 1700 (marked Chevalier)
Accession no. 17.1846
Measured by Catherine Folkers, 1983; drawn by Stephen Korbet, 1995

Flute (six keys)

Caleb Gedney, London, 1769
Accession no. 1983.330
Measured by Timothy Burnett, 1986; drawn by Stephen Korbet, 1993

Tenor recorder (voice flute)

John Neale, Dublin, about 1730
Accession no. 17.1804
Measured and drawn by Catherine Folkers and Rob Turner, 1984

Oboe (three keys)

Johann Wolfgang Kenigsperger, Roding (Germany), about 1725
Accession no. 17.1908
Measured by Friedrich von Huene and Mary Kirkpatrick, 1979, and Cecil Adkins, 1989; drawn by Stephen Korbet, 1998

Oboe (three keys)

Possibly England, first half of 18th century
Accession no. 17.1905
Measured by Bruce Haynes, 1970s, Cecil Adkins, 1989, and Stephen Korbet, 1997; drawn by Korbet, 1998

Oboe (originally two keys)

William Milhouse, London, about 1800
Accession no. 17.1909
Measured by Jonathan E. Bosworth, 1977, and Cecil Adkins, 1989; drawn by Stephen Korbet, 1998

Oboe (two keys)

Andrea Fornari, Venice, 1815
Accession no. 17.1906
Measured by Cecil Adkins, 1989; drawn by Stephen Korbet, 1998


Germany, about 1700
Accession no. 17.1785
Measured by John Koster, 1982, and Stephen Korbet, 1995; drawn by Korbet, 1995

English guitar

Lucas, London, 18th century
Accession no. 17.1746
Measured and drawn by J. Donald Warnock, 1970

Division viola da gamba

After various instruments in the MFA collection
Designed by J. Donald Warnock, 1967; drawn by Paul B. Martin, 1968; includes a twelve-page assembly manual by Warnock

Fretted clavichord

Unknown maker, Italy, end of the 16th or early 17th century
Accession no. 17.1796
Measured and drawn by Edward Turner, 1983

Unfretted clavichord

Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer, Neustadt an der Aisch (Germany), 1796
Accession no. 1977.60
Measured and drawn by John Koster, 1985

Double-manual harpsichord

Unknown maker, Paris, 1667
Accession no. 1977.55
Measured and drawn by John Koster, 1983

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Sales of technical drawings temporarily suspended. Further information to come.

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