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Earth Transformed
Chinese Ceramics in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Wu Tung

Designed for the general reader, Earth Transformed offers a selection of 78 ceramic objects, beautifully photographed in full color, with individual entries focusing on the aesthetic experience they evoke and the cultural context that produced them. Featuring an essay on the history of collecting Chinese ceramics—from export wares brought by New England sea traders in the 19th century to acquisitions reflecting an increasingly sophisticated appreciation—the book also includes brief sketches on the principal types of Chinese ceramics, a concise essay on the conservation and study of ceramics, as well as short texts about the archaeology of the tombs and kiln sites.

Editorial Reviews
“A celebration of extraordinary and extensive collections of Chinese ceramic ware of every type, developed and studied at the MFA since the last quarter of the 19th century” (Choice).
“A treasure trove of insight and knowledge” (Midwest Book Review).