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Fresh Ink
Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition

Hao Sheng, Yan Yang, Joseph Scheier-Dolberg
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Softcover $40.00

210 pages. 240 color illustrations, 8 x 10.38 in, ISBN: 1256

In Fresh Ink, ten of China’s leading contemporary artists engage directly and intimately with the past by creating ten new works in response to older masterpieces, ranging from classical Chinese scrolls to a scholar’s rock to a drip painting by Jackson Pollock. The personal visions reflect diverse concerns and influences, whether Xu Bing’s play on the monumental, Qin Feng’s system of communicative signs, or the keen eye for people and society evident in the work of Li Jin, Yu Hong, and Liu Xiaodong. Other artists featured include Arnold Chang, Zeng Xiaojun, Liu Dan, Li Huayi, and Qiu Ting. An ambitious and unusual pairing of contemporary artworks with their traditional forbears, Fresh Ink expands age-old definitions of ink painting and blurs the boundaries between traditional and contemporary, East and West.

Editorial Reviews
"...It is somehow less about the objects themselves, but more about the underlying concepts of creation, with the living artists as the vehicles..." - Asian Art Newspaper