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Kuniyoshi X Kunisada

Sarah E. Thompson
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264 pages, 160 color illustrations, 8.75 × 9.25 in., ISBN: 978-0-87846-847-8

The rival ukiyo-e masters Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Utagawa Kunisada, the two best-selling designers of prints of the “floating world” in nineteenth-century Japan, meet in this gallery of kabuki actors, beautiful women, warriors, monsters, and more. Kunisada, the popular favorite during his lifetime, is distinguished by the realism and sensuality of his portraits, while Kuniyoshi’s dynamic action scenes and fantastic creatures are recognized today as precursors of manga and anime. Vivid full-color images, drawn from the unrivaled collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and accompanied by authoritative texts, invite viewers to explore the achievements of both artists and to enter into the world they bring to brilliant life.

About the Author

Sarah E. Thompson is Curator, Japanese Art, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.