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The Pop Revolution
How an Unlikely Concatenation of Artists, Aficionados, Businessmen, Collectors, Critics, Curators, Dealers, and Hangers-On Radically Transformed the Art World

Alice Goldfarb Marquis

“This book,” writes the author, “is a social history of Pop Art, a group portrait of both the artists and the people who made some of them rich and famous in just a few years, while setting in motion the drastically altered way art has been marketed and appreciated—in the monetary and aesthetic sense—up to the present day.” Included are Roy Lichtenstein and his “Blam-Pow!” comics panels; shy, shrewd Andy Warhol; the power couple of Leo and Ileana Castelli; collector Robert Scull, whose own dealer called him “vulgar”; and a cast ranging from Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Robert Indiana to pioneering dealer Ivan Karp, controversial curator Henry Geldzahler, media guru Marshall McLuhan, Tom Wolfe, and many, many others. While shelves of books have been written about Pop Art, The Pop Revolution is the first to approach it as a bellwether for the social, cultural, economic, and political changes affecting America and Europe.

Editorial Reviews
“The best account I have yet read of the New York art world in the sixties” (Arthur C. Danto).
“An engrossing and exuberant chronicle” (Ivan Karp).
“Will delight both the friends of Pop and its foes” (Wall Street Journal).