Community Arts Initiative: Building with Light

May 13–December 13, 2017
Edward H. Linde Gallery (Gallery 168)

Boston-area kids explore light and color to create a collaborative large-scale installation

Over the past school year, students from the Museum’s ten Community Arts Initiative (CAI) partners visited the MFA with artist Julie Martini as part of the MFA’s 12th annual Artist Project.

With sketchbooks in hand to record ideas and drawings, students discussed objects in the MFA’s galleries that use light as a medium or as a subject—including stained glass, contemporary light art, and Impressionist painting—to develop an understanding of the use of light in art and architecture. Then, inspired by what they explored in the Museum galleries and the buildings in their home communities, the children used a variety of transparent materials to experiment with how they intensify and modify light.

The final installation of “Building with Light” celebrates their discoveries, incorporating colors, patterns, and motifs from their sketches into designs on large Plexiglas panels.

Through the CAI, the MFA is proud to partner with Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester, United South End Settlements, West End House Boys and Girls Club of Allston-Brighton, Vine Street Community Center, and five of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston located in Blue Hill, Chelsea, Charlestown, South Boston, and Roxbury.

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The Community Arts Initiative is generously supported by the Linde Family Foundation.