Daniel Rich
Platforms of Power

September 29, 2012–March 31, 2013
Edward H. Linde Gallery (Gallery 168)

Remembered by SMFA faculty and staff as a particularly disciplined student, New York painter Daniel Rich has spent a decade investigating the link between architecture, nationalism, and political power. Rich works from Google images, newspapers, and his own photographs. His labor-intensive and complicated system of hand-cutting stencils, color mixing, masking, and using a squeegee create incredibly smooth surfaces on his painstakingly precise acrylic paintings. Small areas of brushwork revealing the artist's hand and hard-edged areas of rich, flat color in a stylized palette combine to depict real-life structures and servers that symbolize the international race for global domination.

Above: Daniel Rich, Milad Tower, Tehran, 2012. Acrylic on dibond.


With generous support from The Contemporaries and the Callaghan Family Fund for Contemporary Exhibitions.