December 10, 2011–September 3, 2012

Gems of Rajput Painting

Enjoy a jewel of an exhibition in our newly renovated Asian Paintings gallery.

“Gems of Rajput Painting” features the MFA’s superb collection of paintings made for the princes of Rajasthan and the Punjab hills (known as “Rajputs”). The kingdoms of these art-loving princes shared a common elite culture, though, by the early 1700s, each court had developed its own distinct painting style. The exhibition represents four of Rajput painting’s central themes: heroic narratives, women and romance, Krishna and Hindu devotion, and courtly life.

Delight in these vibrant paintings and take the opportunity to explore the new South and Southeast Asian sculpture gallery next door.

  • Asian Paintings Gallery (Gallery 178)


With generous support from the Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Exhibition Fund.