July 28, 2004–April 3, 2005

Josef Sudek

Poet With A Camera

Josef Sudek, known as "the poet of Prague" was one of the most original photographers of the twentieth century. This exhibition features his lyrically expressive still lifes, landscapes, and architectural views from the recently acquired Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo Collection, supplemented with loans from local collections.

After World War II, Sonja Bullaty, a Holocaust survivor, briefly assisted Sudek in his Prague studio. Bullaty moved to New York in 1946 where she began her own photographic career. In the decades that followed, Sudek sent her many carefully selected photographs. Bullaty and her husband, Angelo Lomeo, promoted Sudek’s work in America, even holding an exhibition in their apartment, and wrote the first book devoted to the photographer in the West. Their very personal collection, acquired with the generous assistance of Saundra B. Lane, forms the core of "Josef Sudek: Poet with a Camera."