“SMFA Traveling Scholars” in the Foster Gallery presents recent work by seven graduates of the School. All seven share a passion and dedication to their work and a strong style that reflects the School’s philosophy of nurturing individual artistic development. Working in a variety of media (paper, oil, ceramics, video, photography, installation, and performance) each explores a very personal path in a distinctly contemporary language.

In addition to the honor of exhibiting at the Museum, each artist receives traveling funds to further develop his or her future work.

Hannah Barrett
Diploma, 1992

Cliff Evans
Fifth Year, 2004
Diploma, 2002

Bryce Kauffman
Fifth Year, 2004
Diploma, 2001

BFA, 1993

Naoko Matsumoto
Fifth Year, 2004
Diploma, 2001

Lori Paradise
Fifth Year, 2004
Diploma, 2003
BFA, 2000

Rachel Perry Welty
Fifth Year, 2001
Diploma, 1999