Film Rental

Executive Order

Available to view 12 am on June 26 through 12 am on June 28.


Directed by Lázaro Ramos (Brazil, 2019, 94 min.) Digital.

Set in Rio de Janeiro in a near and hypothetical future, Executive Order is a fictional feature film whose plot starts with the enforcement of a law that determines the compulsory return of all Afro-descendants to their “countries of origin.”

Filmmaker Q and A

A prerecorded video Q and A is included with this film rental.

Preceded by a Short Film

The Last Starship

Directed by Eric Haywood (USA, 2020, 18 min.) Digital.

After most of the human race has evacuated Earth and relocated to a new world across the galaxy, a group of survivors forms a desperate plan to escape our planet and join the rest of humanity. Still, the plan comes with significant risk.


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Film Rental Information

Available to rent through June 26. This film cannot be rented outside the United States and is available to watch only during the period specified. Once rented, the film may be viewed on the Video Content page.