Film Rental

Short Film Series: Next Generation

Available to view 12 am on June 21 through 12 am on June 23.


Short Films

Otanimm/Onnimm (Daughter/Father)

Directed by Neko Wong-Houle and Terrance Houle (Canada, 2020, 4 min.) Digital.

Delight in a short animation based on the relationship of daughter and father artists and their deep connection to one another.

Golden Ninja Rescue Squad

Directed by Coleman B. Luse (USA, 2021, 2 min.) Digital.

A Roxbury family goes for a walk in Franklin Park Forest. Seeking a much-needed peaceful connection with nature, the Mama, the Papa, and the Boy embark on an unexpected adventure where they find themselves in a heap of trouble. The only people who can save them are the Golden Ninja Rescue Squad.

Raw Animation 2020

Directed by Alex Faustin and Bradley Niccosia (USA, 2020, 3 min.) Digital.

A compilation of youth works from 2020.

Two Sides

Directed by Rauliz Paez (USA, 2020, 2 min.) Digital.

A teenage love letter was written during the time of a pandemic.

Drawing the Light In

Directed by Yeilin, Jaylyn, Turner, Taylor, Alex, Zack, Bryan, Bradley, Brooklyn, Emily, Michael (USA, 2019, 5 min.) Digital.

When clouds throw shade at you, how do you bring light into your day?

Happy By Cliff Notez

Directed by Miguel Valdez and Sydney Field (USA, 2019, 4 min.) Digital.

A day in the life of a poet.

Please Recycle

Directed by Tiffany Encarnación Céspedes (USA, 2019, 2 min.)

In this short film about recycling, we see the life of a box after it was purchased. The box waits to be recycled to begin a new life.


Directed by Diamond Hunter (USA, 2021, 6 min.)

A young woman escapes her planet but keeps getting a calling from the past. What does she do to keep sane?

Spring Bliss

Directed by Yuder Luis Mezerene Aldi (USA, 2021, 2 min.)

A love letter to the feeling of what it’s like to be in love.


Directed by Mariella Murillo; co-directed by Ta-Neja Williams (USA, 2021, 39 min.)

Young filmmakers examine how a year of COVID has affected the school environment.

Filmmaker Q and A

Register for a Q and A session with the filmmakers on June 21 at 4 pm.

Q and A session is live-streamed using Zoom. To participate, you will be required to download Zoom.

The suggested start time for viewing this film is 3 pm in order to sync with the start of the Filmmaker Q and A.

Film Rental Information

This film cannot be rented outside the United States and is available to watch only during the period specified. Once rented, the film may be viewed on the Video Content page.