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Short Film Series: This Is Who I Am

Available to view 12 am on June 26 through 12 am on June 28.


Short Films

The Girl with Curly Hair

Directed by Alireza Mirasadollah (UK, 2020, 20 min.) Digital.

A 9-year-old girl from the Aeta tribe in the Philippines lives in a small village with little food and no running water; her dark skin and African heritage combine to prevent her from traditional education. She dreams of becoming a medical doctor but first she needs to fight racism, poverty, and social issues.


Directed by Olivier Sagne (French Guiana, 2020, 21 min.) Digital.

Lovena becomes French Guiana’s chess champion—an opportunity and a burden for an illegal Haitian immigrant teenager.

Cranberry Nights

Directed by Sara Robin (USA, 2020, 16 min.) Digital.

Juana’s life is uprooted when her friend unwittingly reveals the secret that she’s undocumented.


Directed by Daniela Martinez (USA, 2021, 6 min.) Digital.

After coming out, Amaia gets kicked out by her mother and stepfather; she struggles with where to go while also thinking about her mother’s betrayal. She hesitantly chooses to seek refuge with her grandmother.

Black Tea

Directed by Uzo Ngwu (USA, 2020, 1 min.) Digital.

The premise of this film is simple: for the love of art and tea.

French Club

Directed by Corrine Joseph (Canada, 2021, 12 min.) Digital.

Iman, a quirky teenage drama queen, can’t get enough of two things: everything French and Isaac, her biggest crush. In her peculiar manner, she’s been hiding in the library and anonymously exchanging notes with him for weeks. When his latest message asks to meet in person, she accepts despite her fear of rejection.

Cherry Lemonade

Directed by Aisha Ford (USA, 2020, 10 min.) Digital

On a hot summer day in a lower-income neighborhood, a Black girl learns to take the lead on her terms.

Filmmaker Q and A

Register for a Q and A session with the filmmakers on June 26 at 12:15 pm.

Q and A session is livestreamed using Zoom. To participate, you will be required to download Zoom.

The suggested start time for viewing this film is 10:45 am in order to sync with the start of the Filmmaker Q and A.


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Film Rental Information

Available to rent through June 26. This film cannot be rented outside the United States and is available to watch only during the period specified. Once rented, the film may be viewed on the Video Content page.