Film Rental

Short Film Series: Turning Points

Available to view 12 am on June 24 through 12 am on June 26.


Short Films

The Little Death

Directed by Justin Harrison (USA, 2020, 18 min.) Digital.

A doting young married couple ride the emotional wave of infertility and miscarriage.


Directed by Jordan Hidalgo (USA, 2020, 15 min.) Digital.

A day in the life of Martin, a homeless man attempting to keep his individuality despite being dehumanized by everyday society.

Dudley Street

Directed by Mitchka Herard (USA, 2020, 17 min.) Digital.

A group of creative friends tries to navigate the art and entertainment scene while dealing with social and personal issues.


Directed by Alfonso M. Rodriguez (USA, 2020, 7 min.) Digital.

A widowed father rushes to keep his memories alive after realizing things are spiraling out of his control.

Becoming Everything

Directed by Dan Lowënstein (UK, 2020, 20 min.) Digital.

Battling with mental illness after losing his wife, a widowed father needs to become a mother to their daughter.

Filmmaker Q and A

Register for a Q and A session with the filmmakers on June 24 at 5:20 pm.

Q and A session is live-streamed using Zoom. To participate, you will be required to download Zoom.

The suggested start time for viewing this film is 4 pm in order to sync with the start of the Filmmaker Q and A.


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Film Rental Information

Available to rent through June 24. This film cannot be rented outside the United States and is available to watch only during the period specified. Once rented, the film may be viewed on the Video Content page.