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The Bengali

Available to view 12 am on June 26 through 12 am on June 28.


Directed by Kavery Kaul (USA, 2021, 71 min.) Digital.

Fatima Shaik embarks upon an unlikely quest when she travels from New Orleans, the city of her birth, to India, home of her grandfather Shaik Mohamed Musa. An African American writer whose family has lived in Louisiana for four generations, she travels with Kolkata-born filmmaker Kavery Kaul to a part of India where no African American (or American) has ever gone. Her search for the past is fraught with uncertainty as she looks for her grandfather’s descendants, the land he claimed to own, and the truth behind the stories she heard when she was young.

Filmmaker Q and A

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Preceded by Short Films

But You’re Not Black

Directed by Danielle Ayow (Canada, 2019, 19 min.) Digital.

Driven by people’s inability to separate her skin color from her culture, a Chinese-Caribbean-Canadian woman tries to own the Trinidadian identity she knows should feel like hers.

Through the Eyes of a Woman

Directed by Yesenia Rego (USA, 2019, 13 min.) Digital.

A girl kicks a pig; a collector shows her home; a child learns her name. These are all glimpses into the experiences of women residing in the Bateyes—villages where sugar cane workers and their families live—in La Romana, Dominican Republic. This film creates a visual tapestry of community, identity, and self-documentation.


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Available to rent through June 26. This film cannot be rented outside the United States and is available to watch only during the period specified. Once rented, the film may be viewed on the Video Content page.