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Art in Bloom, the MFA’s joyful salute to spring, showcases fine art and floral design. Created to engage, delight and educate, Art in Bloom attracts both frequent and first-time visitors to the MFA. Presented by the MFA Associates, in collaboration with MFA staff, Art in Bloom philanthropically supports the mission of the MFA and the Associates.

MFA Associates invite you to

  • Support the Associates’ role in enhancing the visitor experience at the MFA.
  • Invest in special MFA and community programming made possible by your generous support.
  • Contribute to the celebration of Art in Bloom.

Art in Bloom begins on Friday, April 28, 2023.

All contributors have our sincere thanks, and any level of contribution is gratefully accepted.


Donations of $100 and above received by February 27, 2023, will be recognized in the Art in Bloom program guide. Those received after that date but by April 17, 2023, will be recognized on the MFA’s website. All contributions are tax deductible.

2023 Individual Donors

Rose $5,000+

  • Kate Enroth and Dana Schmaltz
  • Nicole and Kevin Kelly
  • Susan Livingston
  • Cathy Minehan
    In memory of E. Gerald Corrigan
  • Sue O’Brien
  • Judi Rotenberg and Edward E. Zuker
    In honor of Matthew Teitelbaum

Dahlia $2,500+

  • Mary Lou Boutwell and George Lister
  • Nancy W. Corkery
  • Nancy Kolligian
  • Robin and Perry Traquina
  • Rose-Marie van Otterloo
  • Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner

Lily $1,000+

  • Lisa and Steve Dalberth
  • Theresa M. Hluchyj
    In honor of Barbara Martin
  • Betsy James
  • Marianne Lee and William Sellers
  • Carla and John Morey
    In honor of the MFA Floral Associates Class 2022
  • Mary and Nick Philopoulos
  • Barbara Rowland
  • Joan and Dick Schmaltz
    In honor of Kate Enroth
  • Anonymous

Jasmine $500+

  • Barbara Alfond
  • Charlie Boutwell
    In honor of Mary Lou Boutwell
  • Martha Clapp
  • Mary L. Cornille
  • Abbie DiMatteo
  • Caroline Edwards
  • Karen Fitzgerald
  • Peggy Ford
  • Mary Margaret and Ian Graham
  • Lori and Ayaz Mahmud
  • Anne and Colin McNay
  • Susan and Denny Meikleham
  • Sally Miller
  • Connie Page
  • Beth Paisner
    In honor of Sue O’Brien
  • Penny and Bob Paquette
  • Margo Pullman and Chris Blatchley
  • Sara and John Rex
  • Susan Briere Shafer
  • Bonnie and Brian Theise
  • Susan Weatherbie
  • Elizabeth Hirschhorn Wilson and Bruce Wilson
  • Emi Winterer

Iris $250+

  • Susan Alexander and Jim Gammill
  • Peggy Blumenreich
  • Kim and Dennis Burns
  • Nina Burr
  • Beth Campanella
    In honor of Kate Enroth
  • Irene Chang
  • Mrs. I. W. Colburn
  • Tenney and McLane Cover
  • Mary DeLong
  • June Ding
    In memory of Judith Judi E. Urell
  • Carolyn Ellis
  • Leslie and Steve Enroth
    In honor of Kate Enroth
  • Maureen A. Harrington
  • Susan and Rick Hill
    In honor of Polly Hill
  • Irene and Norman Jacobs
  • Meg Kasuba
  • Mark Kerwin
  • Beth and James Kundert
    In memory of Ann C. Ryan
  • Patricia Lawrence
  • Meg Lilly
    In honor of Kate Enroth
  • Trish Lucas
  • Sandra O. Moose
  • Kathleen Norman
  • Chris Oliver and Bob Hale
  • Dina Peinert
    In honor of Mimi LaCamera, Tribute Fund
  • Bo Perkins
  • Angela Rowland
  • Alia and Chris Sabbey
  • Christine Sampson
  • Elizabeth Sanders
  • Carole Schneider
  • Wendy and Vincent Spiziri
  • Maureen Sweeney and Joe Basile
  • Bryan Townsend and Catherine Mitchell
  • Lorraine Vekens
  • Christine Ward and Nick MacShane
  • Leslie Wengenroth
  • Ellen Hartshorne Whitney
  • Margo Yie

Violet $100+

  • Leslie J. Aitken
  • Maria Bartlett
  • Sharon and Paul Bauer
  • Martha Bednarz
  • Sibel Bessim
  • Barbara Boles
  • Rob, Paula, and Lilly Boutwell
    In honor of Mary Lou Boutwell
  • Robert Boutwell
  • Ginny Bradley
    In memory of Arria Sands
  • Vee and Steve Brooks
  • Laura Carleton
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Chamberlain III
  • Susan Cohen
  • Ann Collins
  • Linda and Jim Cravens
  • Elisabeth DiPietro
  • Mary Dunlap
  • Anne Feeney
  • Carol Gershman
  • Carol Geyer
  • Georgia Glick
  • Karen and Mike Gorton
  • Denise Grenier
    In memory of Christine Grenier
  • Marjorie Hall
  • Ethel Hamann
  • Mary Ann Head
  • Kimberly Hokanson
    In honor of Sue O’Brien, Betsy James, and Stacy Miller
  • Anne Marie Housel
  • Kate Hurley
  • Joan Innis
  • Janet Eve Josselyn
  • Patricia Kelly
  • Bob and Candace Kosturko
  • Karen and Ken Krowne
  • Jean Kulesa
    In honor of Jun Ding
  • Linda Ladd
  • Ella Litvak
  • Marilyn MacLellan
  • Karen N. McFarlan
  • Sharon Merrill
  • Stacy Miller
  • Christine Murcott
  • Susan Murray and Wayne Merritt
  • Susan and Wilson Pile
    In memory of Marsha Lamson
  • Lisa Ramey
  • Nancy Regan
  • Tamara Elliott Rogers
  • Laura Rossinow
  • Helen Chin Schlichte
  • Isabelle, Bower, and Phoebe Schmaltz
  • Nina Schneider
    In honor of MFA Senior Associates
  • Dorothy Sergi
  • Denise M.V. Shane
  • Carolyn Shannon
    In honor of Mary Ellen O’Hara
  • Susan Shephard
  • Rebecca Sher
  • Jane and Jim Shulman
  • Deb and Ted Sigman
  • Phyllis Sims
  • Hon. Sarah B. Singer
  • Terri Smith
  • Marmee Taylor
  • Jaqueline Thompson
  • Amy Shulman Weinberg
  • Priscilla and Jim Worrall
  • Pamela and Alan Wrigley

Pedestal Sponsors

  • AJS Consulting Company LLC
  • Barbara Alfond (2)
  • Altid Enterprises, LLC
    In memory of Janet McCaa
  • Anderson’s Jewelers Wellesley
  • The Augustin Family
    In memory of Rosalind Merrill Augustin
  • Kathy and Michael Barron
    In memory of Nancy M. Bildzok
  • A Blade of Grass
  • Captain Marden’s Seafoods
  • Kephenny Chen and Aaron Shi
    In honor of all our family members and friends
  • The Commons in Lincoln (2)
  • Nancy W. Corkery
    In memory of Anne Braitmayer Webb
  • Nancy W. Corkery
    In memory of Nancy Pierson Corkery
  • The Doran and Wadyka Families
    In loving memory of Christina Susanne Wadyka
  • Dover Rug and Home
    In memory of Syed Ali Jafri
  • Emerald Necklace Conservancy
  • Esplanade Association
  • Faithful Flowers
  • Florentine Frames
  • Friends of Clementine Brown
    In honor of Clementine Haas Michel Brown
  • Friends of the Public Garden
  • Michael and Iris Gaines
    In memory of Pauline McAfee
  • Hirshberg Wozny Dental Group
  • Howland Capital
  • Vladimir and Audry Hyppolite
  • Betsy James
    In loving memory of my mom Babbie, who instilled in me a love for the arts
  • Dr. Robert E. Johnson and Michelle Jones Johnson
    In honor of Percy Johnson
  • Nicole and Kevin Kelly
    In honor of our daughters, Madeleine and Margaret, who love Art in Bloom almost as much as their mother does
  • Cheryl La Monica
    In memory of Barbara Webb
  • Rosamond Lu
    In memory of Emily Bao
  • Maier Interiors
  • Dorene and Tom McCourt
    In memory of Larry Hickey, long-time devoted MFA Sharf volunteer
  • MFA Associates
    In memory of Nina and Roger Saunders for their kind generosity to the MFA and MFA Associates
  • Marva Nathan
    In memory of Herbert and Ida Ferguson
  • Nichols House Museum
  • Page Waterman Gallery and Framing
    In memory of Elizabeth D. King
  • Alexa and Robert Plenge
    In honor of our mothers, who love flowers and art
  • Roche Bros. Supermarkets
  • ScrubaDub Auto Wash Centers
  • Phyllis and John Sims
    In memory of Julius L. Standley and his many years with Family and Friends
  • Stanhope Framers
  • Jane and David Stiller
    In memory of Molly G. Stiller
  • Weston Table
  • Williams Family
    In memory of Mary Ann Williams
  • Wisteria and Rose
  • Anonymous
    In honor of the MFA Associates Class of ’24

Special Thanks to These Contributors

  • Professional Floral Designers
  • 33 Munroe
  • Floral Lab
  • Forevermark Flowers
  • Ikebana International Ohara School
  • O Luxe Design
  • Sue Kaplan Flowers