Charitable Gift Annuity

Dive into a great way to give! Secure a steady stream of income—and help the MFA inspire future generations.

You can secure income for the future and receive an immediate charitable deduction by establishing a charitable gift annuity to benefit the MFA. Payments are taxed at a reduced overall rate and you receive the satisfaction of knowing your gift provides essential support to sustain the Museum in the future.

Charitable gift annuities are particularly popular because they are very easy to set up and can be established starting at $10,000. Income is paid for life to one or two individuals named by you. When the last of the income recipients passes away, the remainder of the contributed funds is released for the MFA’s benefit.

The amount of the income is determined by the income recipient age(s) when the arrangement is established; the older, the higher the rate of income. The start of payments can be deferred to a future year, increasing the payout rate.

Sample Immediate Payment Gift Annuity Rates

Age Annuity Rate Annuity Amount Estimated Charitable

















*Examples based on $25,000 contribution and rates in effect as of November 2020.

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