Dana C. Chandler Jr., Fred Hampton’s Door 2, 1974

A bullet hole–riddled green door with red trim and a blue sticker reading "USA Approved."

Acrylic paint on wood. William Francis Warden Fund, The Heritage Fund for a Diverse Collection, and Gallery Instructor 50th Anniversary Fund. © Dana C. Chandler Jr.

Dana Chandler created Fred Hampton’s Door 2 following the theft of his small painting Fred Hampton’s Door (1970), which he made in response to the violent murder of the young Black Panther Party leader. Both works commemorate Hampton while protesting and mourning the violent circumstances of his death. Chandler used an actual door for the second version to ensure it could not be as easily stolen. Though the original painting was exhibited at the MFA in 1970, it was not until 50 years later, in December 2020, that this major work by Chandler finally entered the Museum’s collection.