Museum Council

Meet Museum Council members Michael, Mike and Camilla, and Erika.

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Member Highlight: Michael J. McGuire

Mike has been a member of the Museum Council since 2013 when a work colleague and then-MFA-steering-committee member Sophia Fleischer invited him to an open event.

Raised in New Jersey, Mike moved to Massachusetts to attend Williams College. At Williams, he played varsity football and graduated in 2010 with a BA in economics and art history. Although he pursued a career in private equity after graduation, Mike is a frequent visitor of the MFA’s Impressionism galleries. Specifically, he is drawn to the works of Pissarro, Cezanne, Monet, and Renoir.

Mike is recently engaged and due to be married a year from this July. He also enjoys traveling, reading, and cheering on the New York Giants.

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Member Highlight: Mike and Camilla Fitzpatrick

Although Mike and his wife Camilla recently joined the Museum Council this past November, they have quickly become engaged regulars at Council events.

Mike grew up in Massachusetts, his wife in Alabama, and the couple met while attending college in Florida. While they were dating, Mike shared his fond memories of the “overwhelming grandeur” of the Museum, so when the couple moved up to Massachusetts a few years later for their jobs, the MFA was one of the first places they chose to explore together. They have been consistent patrons ever since.

When they visit the Museum they both gravitate to the many beautiful photography galleries. Mike loves landscapes and abstract photography, like the work of Imogen Cunningham, and Camilla favors those that portray people and social situations, like the current Gordon Parks exhibition.

Outside the Museum, Mike and Camilla frequent their local open studios (those in Medford and Porter Square are among their favorites) and are actively involved in a number of charities/not-for-profits.

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Member Highlight: Erika Gorman

Although Erika’s days (and many nights and weekends) are kept quite busy ensuring that our ports and piers are structurally safe in her role as a Structural Engineer at CH2M HILL*, she is able to find the time to pursue her loves of art, design, and sports.

A civil engineering graduate from Washington University in St. Louis, Erika is currently a member of the Museum Council Steering Committee. She joined the Council as an Associate in 2008 as a way to meet new people outside of the engineering world, and has grown her involvement over the years as a member of several Summer Party Host Committees.

In addition to her work on the Council, Erika is an avid collector of architectural photos, is actively involved in the Society of Woman Engineers, and a passionate basketball fan.

For more on Erika’s current ports and maritime rehabilitation project, a project she describes as a “great fit between her engineering and some of [her] more artistic interests,” please see Brooklyn Park Bridge.