Museum Council Steering Committee
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meet two Museum Council couples: George and Alice, and Nina and Bill.

Member Highlight: George Lewis and Alice Rossiter

George Lewis and Alice Rossiter are one of the Museum Council’s most active couples. They are not only members of the current Steering Committee, but they are also one of the couples co-chairing this year’s upcoming Summer Party.

Alice and George met over 12 years ago while on a trip to China, and although they grew up in different cities and went to different colleges and graduate schools, they managed to stay in touch. They now live in Chestnut Hill, and are very active in the Boston Business world—George, as an investor in entrepreneurial ventures, and Alice, as CEO of her own lifestyle brand, Alice’s Table.

Art and culture has always been a part of their lives. George, at a young age, started taking art lessons at the MFA, and Alice, before her MFA involvement, got her Masters in Art Business from Sotheby’s and was a Junior Associate in MOMA’s Young Professionals group. George and Alice shared that their experiences and current roles on the Museum Council have “…given them the opportunity to share [their] love for the arts with friends.”

On a personal note, George and Alice are working on a contemporary installation in their home that is modeled on a piece they saw at Art Basel; each year they are adding to the collection of wave paintings for their anniversary, combining George’s traditional taste with Alice’s passion for contemporary art.

Member Highlight: Nina Lewis-Schroeder and Bill Schroeder

Nina Lewis-Schroeder and Bill Schroeder joined the Museum Council in May 2005, not long after they started dating. They upgraded from regular memberships when they learned about the Summer Party and welcomed the opportunity to become more involved at the MFA. The couple acquired their first piece of art together at that first Summer Party, and the painting now hangs in their South End home, along with numerous others acquired through the Summer Party art auctions and SMFA sales.  

The MFA and Museum Council have been an important part of Nina and Bill’s lives. Being involved in the Steering Committee and host committees for the Summer Party has allowed them to become more engaged at the Museum and with like-minded philanthropic art lovers. As an interior designer and art history major, Bill has always loved the arts, and Nina has loved sharing this passion with him at the MFA. Bill noted, “Being on the Museum Council for almost 11 years has given us the opportunity to be part of the Museum community and a sense of engagement that we would not have had without it.”