Museum Council

Earlier this year, March 17 to 20, 16 Council Patrons traveled to Venice with Frederick Ilchman, chair and Mrs. Russell W. Baker Curator of Paintings, Art of Europe. Justin DuMouchelle and his wife Kara were among the group, and share some highlights of their trip.

The Restoration of Titian's Pesaro Madonna

(Better known as the Madonna di Ca' Pesaro)

With Frederick, almost everything is possible, and this special viewing of the is masterpiece was no exception. In part due to Frederick's focus as a scholar and his involvement in Save Venice, we had the opportunity to see the painting at eye level as it is being restored, and enjoy a discussion with the Titian conservator about the process at the Basilica dei Frari.

"A Venetian Affair"

After a busy day of boat rides along the canals, church explorations, and a sunset dinner reception on the roof deck of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the group saw a performance of "A Venetian Affair." An adaptation of Andrea di Robilant's book, the performance is a fusion of art, literature, and music that tells the unbelievable-but-true story of an 18th-century star-crossed couple in a breathtaking narrative, re-created in part from the passionate, clandestine correspondance of the lovers Andrea and Giustiniana. The author reads passages from him book, along with music from the period performed by a soprano and orchestra.

Memorable Meals

Justin, Kara, and the group ate well at such lovely and special locations as the Palazzo Tiepolo Passi (as guests of Countess Lelia Passi) and on the roof deck of Peggy Guggenheim Collection, overlooking the Grand Canal! At each meal, they were treated to spectacular wines selected by a seommelier. It was all capped off by a farewell dinner hosted by the owners of the Ostaria Boccadoro, an authentic Venetian trattoria, which offered an amazing end to the Venetian adventure!

Justin and Kara are looking forward to the next unforgettable trip with the Museum's expert curators, whatever that may be!