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Meet Laure Marest, the new Cornelius and Emily Vermeule Assistant Curator, Greek and Roman Art

Laure is a recent hire at the Museum and a newly minted PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Her dissertation was a heavyweight entitled “What’s in a Face? Rethinking the Greek Portrait through Hellenistic Glyptic.” (“Glyptic” is the art of gem carving.)

Prior to pursuing her PhD at Berkeley, Laure worked as a curatorial assistant and intern at the Getty Villa, where she was introduced to and participated in various aspects of museum work, including serving as co-curator of the exhibition “Collector’s Choice: J. Paul Getty and His Antiquities.” In 2014, Laure held a Mellon Curatorial Fellowship that brought her to the MFA for five months to study our world-renowned gem collection.

Initially drawn to the Hellenistic period because of its rich history, Laure appreciates how life in ancient Greece is comparable to today’s culture and politics.

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