Patron Program Committee
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

You may not know that the Patron Program, established by the President and the Board of Trustees in 1975, is governed by a committee. This committee—made up of a diverse collection of Patron members—helps to make Patron Program membership a rewarding and engaging experience, while also cultivating relationships that serve as a foundation for the Museum and further its ability to carry out its mission.

Azi Djazani—a Patron Program Committee member since 2014—speaks with us about her experience in this important group.

What would you say is the primary purpose or responsibility of the committee?

One of the principal responsibilities of the committee is to highlight the importance of supporting the Museum’s annual operating budget. Patron contributions have an immediate impact and make many of the Museum’s programs a reality.

How did you get involved and why?

I decided to become involved when a friend of mine, who was already a member of the committee, introduced me to the role of the Patron committee. I realized how effective it is when Patron members work with Museum staff, and reach out to longtime members and potential members. The committee gives us an opportunity to focus our energies into four separate efforts—membership, young Patrons, programming, and stewardship—and make sure that the Patron group keeps its vitality and positive impact on the Museum.

What is your favorite part of serving on this committee?

I love the positive relationship that exists between the committee and Museum staff. It’s an effective way to advance the institution’s mission while involving an enthusiastic, committed group of members.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Patron Committee?

I now know that part of my Patron contribution goes toward educational and community outreach programs. This alone is a strong incentive for me to stay active within the committee and make sure that this kind of support grows over time.

How can others get involved?

Those of us who have been involved with the Museum—as volunteers and members—know how important the daily Museum experience is to the overall success of the institution. Getting involved is easy and fun. Just contact a member of the committee or one of the staff members listed in this newsletter.

Above from left to right: Sitting: Emi Winterer, Yvette Shakespeare, Joy Kant, Azi Djazani, Kitty Shepard; standing: Sharon Fownes, Sibel Bessim, Pixie Robinson, MaryLee Halpin, Sally Patrick, Katelyn Quynn, Dorene McCourt, Mary Margaret Graham, Elizabeth Rogers, Roxanna Hurst, Laura Monrad, Carolyn Ellis, Francesca Piper Koss, Richard Baiano, Craig Tevolitz. Not pictured: Elisa Fredrickson, Veronica Heath, Frederick Ilchman, Beth Paisner, Jody Saarmaa, Ameeta Soni, Catherine Truman.