Girl Scouts

Girl Scout programs are currently unavailable. We are reimagining the group experience and look forward to welcoming groups back to the MFA in early 2023.

Please check back for updates on our progress or Sign up for MFA Mail. Please see our Digital Learning and Programs pages for current offerings.

Let the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, bring art and history alive! Artful Adventures offers two programs specifically designed for Girl Scouts—Brownie and Junior Badge Workshops and Artful Adventures Girl Scout Tours.

Girl Scouts


Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts have the unique opportunity to learn about art, history, and different cultures while also working on completing the painting and drawing badges! Each visit lasts an hour and a half, combines gallery exploration with activities specially designed to fulfill one component of the badge requirements, and can be customized to include your troop's interests. Please choose only one badge and activity per visit.

We do not provide badges as part of the Brownie and Junior Badge Workshop programs.

Brownies—Painting Badge

  • Get Inspired—Learn about the different styles of painting, see and talk about five different pieces of artwork, and then create your own painting on canvas in the studio classroom.
  • Paint the Real World—Search for portrait and self-portrait paintings in the Museum's galleries, learn about the proportions of a person's face, and paint your own self-portrait in the studio classroom.
  • Paint Without Brushes—Look at some innovative and non-traditional paintings in the Museum's collections and then create your own painting in the studio classroom using found objects such as feathers, sticks, and string instead of brushes.

Juniors—Drawing Badge

  • Experiment with Different Materials—Learn about still life paintings and search for examples in the Museum's galleries. In the studio classroom work together to create your own still life display and create three different still life drawings using a variety of materials such as charcoal, crayons, pastels, and pencils.
  • Learn How to Add Shading—Explore works on paper in the Museum's collections and then create your own drawings in the studio classroom or in the galleries that incorporate different drawing techniques such as hatching, crosshatching, and smudging.
  • Get Some Perspective—Create, decorate, and use your own viewfinders as you explore artwork, architecture, and other objects in the Museum. Discover how things look different up close and far away then create your own drawing of something "zoomed in."

Troop leaders work closely with Museum educators to design customized tours that fit the interests and needs of your troop. Each visit lasts an hour and a half and combines gallery exploration with an art-making activity. See below for examples of tours and activities.

We do not provide badges as part of the Artful Adventures Girl Scout Tour program.

Please choose only one tour and one art activity or work with a Museum instructor to design a customized tour and activity for your Girl Scout Tour.

Animals in Art

Search for animals in paintings and sculptures while walking through different galleries in the Museum!

Art Activities: Painting on canvas, clay, animal masks, or animal puppets.

Art in America

Discover and compare American art made in different time periods, including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from our Native American, Early American, Folk Art, American Impressionism, and Modern Art collections.

Art Activities: Painting on canvas, clay, or pendants

Asian Art

Discover Chinese and Japanese art as you walk through a Chinese house and a Buddhist Temple Room, learn about impressive gods and goddesses, and take a closer look at intricate scroll paintings!

Art Activities: Sumi-e painting, clay, or pendants

Egyptian Art

Unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt and hear about daily life in this amazing civilization. Meet our mummies and learn why and how Egyptians prepared for the afterlife!

Art Activities: Clay or pendants

Fantastic Creatures

Dragons, griffins, and sphinx! Go on an exploration to find artwork that features animals and other creatures not normally seen in everyday life.

Art Activities: Clay, pendants, masks, or puppets


Examine clothing and accessories people are wearing in paintings and sculptures throughout the Museum!

Art Activities: Paper dolls, jewelry, pendants, or drawing with watercolor pencils in the galleries


Are masks just for Halloween? Find out as you journey through the Museum to look at masks from around the world.

Art Activity: Masks


Explore ancient cultures through the stories that they told. Learn about myths from Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome while looking at the different sculptures we have in these galleries.

Art Activities: Clay, pendants, or puppets

Stories in Art

All of the artwork in the Museum has interesting stories behind it! Examine the art, hear some of these stories, and create your own.

Art Activities: Painting on canvas, drawing with watercolor pencils in the galleries, pendants, clay, book making, or puppets



Girl scout programs are currently unavailable. Bookings are expected to resume in the fall.


Girl scout programs are currently unavailable. Bookings are expected to resume in the fall.