Artful Adventures Off-Site Programs

Artful Adventures off-site programs are currently unavailable. Please visit School Programs to see our current offerings for students and teachers.

Artful Adventures Off-Site Programs

Artful Adventures Off-Site programs are designed around the interests and needs of your group and the Museum's collections for children between 3–18. These programs last 1 hour and include a story, hand-on materials, pictures from the Museum's collections, and an art-making activity. See below for examples or work with a Museum instructor to create a customized visit.

We love to customize visits! Choose one of the programs below or work with a Museum instructor to create your own.


Search for animals in paintings and sculptures from the Museum's collections.
Art Activity Suggestions: clay, masks, painting, or puppets

Colors and Shapes

Discover how shapes and colors can be combined to create a masterpiece. Young children will learn about the three primary colors and discover how to create secondary colors.
Art Activity Suggestions: collage or painting

Fantastic Creatures

Dragons, griffins, and sphinx! Explore artwork featuring animals and other creatures.
Art Activity Suggestions: clay, masks, pendants, or puppets


Are masks just for holidays? Take a closer look at masks from around the world and then create your own!
Art Activity Suggestions: paper or embossed foil masks

Stories in Art

There are interesting stories behind every work of art. Take a closer look, hear some of these stories, and create your own!
Art Activity Suggestions: bookmaking, clay, collage, drawing, masks, painting, or puppets

The Art and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt and hear about daily life in this amazing civilization. Examine pictures and artifact examples to learn why and how Egyptians prepared for the afterlife.
Art Activity Suggestions: clay, mummy masks, or pendants

Festivals and Events

In addition to offering 1 hour off-site programs for groups of children, Museum instructors can also provide drop-in art-making activities for children of all ages during an off-site festival or event. Festivals and events include 2 Museum instructors and all of the necessary art materials for 3 hours.

Please choose one activity per event.

  • Collage (indoor events only)
  • Embossed foil pendants
  • Masks
  • Miniature drawings with charcoal, pencils, crayons, and markers (4" x 6")
  • Miniature paintings on canvas (4" x 6")
  • Printmaking (indoor events only)
  • Puppets
  • Sumi painting/ Chinese brush painting (scrolls)
  • Watercolor Postcards (4" x 6")
  • Wire sculptures


Artful Adventures Off-Site Programs

Off-site programs are suitable for children between 3–18 years. Visits may be scheduled with fewer than 10 participants, but we charge for a minimum of 10 per class, even if there are less. Groups with 60 or more participants can be accommodated with advance notice. We try to maintain a ratio of 1 Museum instructor for every 15 children.

Festivals and Events

We require an estimate for the anticipated number of visitors to your event, but activities provided during festivals and events are suitable for children and families of all ages.

Artful Adventures Off-Site Programs

  • $9 per child—We charge for a minimum of 10 children per class.

Festivals and Events

  • $200 for up to 3 hours

Mileage Fee

  • Less than 10 miles away: no charge
  • 11–19 miles away: $25 per day
  • 20+ miles away: $50 per day

Reservations are required at least four weeks in advance. Please fill out the online request form

To cancel or change an existing reservation, please call 617-369-3303 at least two business days in advance.

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