Aferim! by Radu Jude (Romania, 2015, 108 min.). Eastern Europe, 1835: a constable and his son ride across the barren landscape of Wallachia, searching for a Gypsy slave who has run away from his nobleman master. On their odyssey the two men encounter people from a wide range of cultures: Turks and Russians, Christians and Jews, Romanians and Hungarians, each harboring prejudices that have been passed down through generations. Shot in lustrous black-and-white, this enormously entertaining Balkan Western has been compared to Pulp Fiction and The Searchers. For his work on the film, director Radu Jude received the Silver Bear for best director at the Berlin International Film Festival.

“An exceptional and extremely intelligent insight into a crucial period of history, a film equally inspired and furious.” —Variety 

Tickets on sale May 26.