No Home Movie by Chantal Akerman (France, 2016, 115 min.). For the last several years of her life, Chantal Akerman filmed her surroundings with no real direction or narrative in mind. When she had amassed about 20 hours of footage she began to sculpt it into a two-hour feature. To Akerman’s surprise, the work that emerged from this process was No Home Movie, a film about the artist’s elderly mother who survived the Holocaust and now rarely left her Belgian apartment. No Home Movie offers an intimate portrait of the tender and complex relationships between Akerman, her sister, and their mother, certain to resonate with anyone who has provided care for an ailing loved one. In her statement about the film, Akerman writes: “The narrative advances step by tiny step, a little like how we enter this apartment in Brussels, where a woman walks with the fragile grace of someone who is trying to maintain her precarious balance.” This poignant film would be Akerman’s last.

Presented in partnership with the Boston Jewish Film Festival.