Black Majick by Terrence Jones (USA, 2016, 15 min.).  A family of runaway slaves finds their path to freedom jeopardized when they encounter a malicious witch in a Louisiana swamp.

Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess by Roy T. Anderson (USA, 2015, 59 min.). She was a queen captured in her homeland, and forcibly transported across the Atlantic Ocean in the belly of a slave ship. In the New World, she would eventually rise up to become the leader of a new nation – of free Africans. However, not many people outside of Jamaica know of the legendary ‘Nanny’, warrior chieftainess of the Jamaican Maroons, one of the most influential, but least recognized heroines in the resistance history of the New World. Not much is known about this mystical person who led a band of former enslaved Africans in the rugged and remote interiors of Jamaica to their victory over the mighty British army during the early to mid-eighteenth century.

Followed by a discussion with the directors.