You & Me by Eddie Shieh (USA, 2015, 14 min.). Through one brief phone conversation, TU & EU follows several star-crossed lovers around the world whose differences put their long time love affair at a critical impasse. Image attached.

Attached at the Soul by William Leon (USA, 2016, 11 min.). Donald Kline struggles with having to leave his wife Margie’s death bed in order to attend a ceremony where he and his wife will be honored for their lifetime achievements in promoting diversity, equal rights, and acceptance.

Forgiving Chris Brown by Marquette Jones, produced by Lodric Collins and Tami Jordan (USA, 2015, 12 min.). Forgiving Chris Brown is a dark comedy short that follows the follies of “Rihanna”, “Halle” and “Tina”. These stylish girlfriends hope to heal their battered hearts through the old-fashioned way – revenge.

Followed by a discussion with some of the filmmakers.