Fairy Floss (Perili İpek)

Directed by Hakan Orhanoğlu (2017, 5 min.). Digital. Turkish with English subtitles.

A child worker observes the childhood he was supposed to have as he dreams of going to school. He goes to work every morning with the ring of the school bell, and returns home when school is over.

Shoehorn (Kerata)

Documentary directed by Kasım Ördek (2018, 20 min.). Digital. Turkish with English subtitles.

Ekrem, recently released from jail, provides for his family by working as a junkman. When he spots a clue that his wife is being dishonest with him, he begins to unravel a web of deceit.


Directed by Onur Doğan (2017, 4 min.). Digital. Turkish with English subtitles.

Invoking the works of Michel Foucault, C.O.D. poses the theory that a human being is just a cog trapped in a capitalist system. Devastation is inevitable for our hero, who realizes that his “colorful dreams” will never come to pass.

Story of a Job Interview (Bir İş Görüşmesi Hikayesi)

Directed by Alkım Özmen (2017, 15 min.). Digital. Turkish with English subtitles.

Erdem is a 35-year-old journalist. He has been unemployed for 15 months and is about to become a father. He needs a job urgently. When he is rejected in every job interview, he takes the news editor hostage.

Naphthalene (Naftalin)

Directed by Muhammed Furkan Daşbilek (2018, 21 min.). Digital. Turkish with English subtitles.

Soon after he learns that he has Alzheimer’s, Cemil discovers that his grandson, Meriç, is moving to Tokyo. He tries to hold on to the pieces of his past as he confronts his son Murat.

Passenger (Yolcu)

Directed by Cem Özay (2017, 20 min.). Digital. Turkish with English subtitles.

Ahmet, a truck driver, takes his son to live with him after his ex-wife is sent to prison. Father and son are forced to live in a truck, embarking on a long journey as they build a new life together.


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