Special Event

Art in Tune

Friday, April 8, 2022
6:00 pm–8:00 pm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Included with General Admission

Enjoy Art in Tune in the MFA’s galleries once again, with reduced admission for this evening of free live musical performances highlighting the Museum's musical instrument collection.

Discover music from all over the world, performed in eight locations throughout the MFA. Internationally celebrated musical artists have chosen galleries, artwork, or in many cases, collection instruments that resonate with their craft, spinning out a blend of musical and visual art unlike any other.

To request disability accommodations, contact access@mfa.org.

Special General Admission Pricing During Art in Tune

$5 general admission (available in-person, day of starting at 5 pm)
No advance tickets
Discount does not apply to “Turner’s Modern World” tickets


Upper Rotunda

Instruments: Sioux and Seneca flutes
Performer: Hawk Henries (Nipmuc)

Gallery LG34: Native North American Art

Instruments: Native North American percussion and voice
Performer: Chris Newell (Passamaquoddy)

Gallery 132: Art of the Americas

Instruments: Puerto Rican cuatro and voice
Performer: Fabiola Méndez

Galleries 155 and 168: “New Light: Encounters and Connections” and “Helina Metaferia: Generations”

Instrument: voice
Performers: Women of the World

Gallery 171: Art of Africa from the 19th Century to Today

Instrument: West African bala
Peformers: Balla Kouyaté and World Vision

Gallery 176: South and Southeast Asian Art

Instruments: Indian sarangi and tabla
Performers: Suhail Yusuf Khan and Giri Subramaniam

Gallery 242: Art of Flanders and the Netherlands in the 17th Century

Instruments: Flemish virginal
Performers: musicians from the Handel and Haydn Society

Gallery 274: Chinese Song Dynasty Gallery

Instrument: Chinese erhu
Performer: Shaw Pong Liu

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Supported by the Nancy Lee Clark Concert Series Fund and the Scully Family Foundation.