Self-Guided Visit Activities

If you’re planning to bring a school group to the MFA on a self-guided visit, here are some activities to bring along that will make your visit that much richer and productive while you’re here and when you get back to the classroom. Designed with various age groups in mind, and teacher-tested, these activities will give your students (and their chaperones) opportunities to explore the art on view in a focused manner that complements various lesson plans and topics of study.

Just download the PDFs and print them before you come to the Museum, and you’re ready to give your group a great visit to the MFA!

Before Your Visit

Please review our Tips for Groups, especially Gallery Capacity and Guidelines.

The Weather Report

Elementary (grades K–3)
Students find works of art that represent different types of weather and think about the colors the artist used for each type of weather.

Make a Museum

Elementary, middle school, high school
Students are encouraged to create their own collections by choosing works of art in the galleries, sketching and describing their choices.

Adjectives from the Ancient World

Middle school (grades 4–8)
Students explore the Art of the Ancient World galleries and find works of art that illustrate adjectives such as powerful, strong, heroic, beautiful, dramatic, etc. and explain their choices.

Wish You Were Here

Middle school (grades 4–8)
Students choose a landscape painting to “travel” to and write a letter to a friend from inside the painting.

Portraits and Profile Pictures

Middle school (grades 4–8), high school
Students choose a portrait and create an online profile for the sitter.

After Your Visit

Please let us know how you like these activities with this short feedback form. To thank you for your feedback, the form includes an opportunity to enter your name for a chance to win a $50 MFA Gift card.


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