Help artist Han Seok Hyun create his colossal installation for the upcoming exhibition “Megacities Asia.” Super-Natural will be built using green-colored items collected from Boston, along with others collected in Seoul, South Korea.

From February 15 to 26, donate your clean green-colored packaging made of recyclable materials in the bins outside the Huntington Entrance and the State Street Corporation Fenway Entrance.

Do Donate

  • Clean green-colored plastic objects
  • Empty green-colored glass, aluminum, or plastic packaging that does not have a paper label (plastic labels are OK—they won’t fall apart in washing)
  • Empty green-colored cardboard packaging that has not come in direct contact with food

Don’t Donate

  • Anything containing food or drink
  • Cellophane bags
  • Aerosol cans
  • Anything scented

Please note that containers should have lids, caps, and tops on. All materials will be recycled after the exhibition. Thanks!

Image: Han Seok Hyun, Super-Natural (detail), 2011. Installation at Aram Art Gallery, Goyang, Korea. Photography by Han Seok Hyun/Park Ayung Rae. Courtesy of the artist.