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Still from video call depicting grid of four speakers, two MFA curators on the left and two artists on the right
Video Rental

Recent Acquisitions in Conversation

Hear from artists and curators in this 30-minute video about the exciting exchanges in the upcoming exhibition “New Light: Encounters and Connections,” which brings contemporary acquisitions into conversation with objects across MFA’s collections.

This video is available for a one-time 14-day rental per member between May 12 and November 12, 2021.

Curator Larry Berman in standing next to sculpture of King Menkaura and queen in Egyptian Sculptures gallery
Video Rental

New Galleries for Ancient Egyptian Art

In this 23-minute video, look behind the scenes at two new galleries of ancient Egyptian art. Lawrence Berman, Norma Jean Calderwood Senior Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art, shares fascinating insights into some of the MFA's finest masterpieces, and senior designer Chelsea Garunay discusses the details—big and small—of her dynamic redesign.​ 

This video is available for a one-time 14-day rental per member between June 16 and December 16, 2021.